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 The products we present to the Israeli market are unique in quality, design and installation.
The added value of these products exceeds the equivalent products available in the Israeli market.

MILANO direct marketing was founded in 2000 in order to change the traditional frame work in the filed of doors projects in Israel. 

The work process includes coordinating expectations with the customer and the architect, adapting the products based on these definitions, accompanying writing of the technical specifications.
Providing guidance and guidelines to the execution contractors in the preparations required on the site.

The team's method of work enables significant savings of time and money.
In addition, in case of cast / concrete walls, the need to install lintels using the cement pouring method is eliminated and they are composed of a dry, economical installation.

All of that is brought to you by us based on the fact that the production companies are top of the line in Europe


Founder & CEO

Arik Lipskin


Entry Systems LTD is our main supplier for American Hardware. We are cooperating

in most of our projects.

The company specializes in all kinds of solutions in the Hardware fields.

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